This Division is headed by trained Professional Detectives who are active members of various international organisations. The specific requirement of the client is studied and identified in the first meeting and thereafter investigation commences in a planned time bound manner. Detailed plan of surveillance and investigation is maintained of honesty truthfulness, accuracy and confidentiality of each case, to use computerised control.

Surveillance and Investigation

Apart from institutional security, TIGER also offers a wide range of investigative service which includes Insurance Investigation, like enquiry into fraudulent burglary, riots, fire, death, arson and compensation claims.

Matrimonial Investigation

which includes investigations into polygamy, dowry death, divorce and so on.

Missing Persons Investigation

includes missing Indian or foreign national, locating kidnapped children, adolescent runaways and Pre-employment Screening.


Specialised surveillance services and results with proof by highly mobile crack teams.

Undercover Agents

For collection of intelligence data about union activities and all kinds of information useful for management.

Other Services

Protection against Gheraos, Frauds, Intimidation, Patent/Trade Mark Infringements as well as pre-strike information Electronic Gadgets counter measure and so on.

We introduce ourselves as Security Consultants and Administrators and a team of highly experienced and trained Private Detectives Operating all over the country. We take care of all types of Private Investigations such as Commercial, Civil, Insurance, Pre-employment, Screening, Financial enquiries, Divorce Cases, Shadowing etc.

We have proven ability to solve all such cases, and up-to-date, we have solved hundreds of cases to the entire satisfaction of all our clients.

Our Undercover Agents can help you to apprehend thieves and stop Pilferage, Leakages of your business secrets, strikes and labour unrest.

Your premises can be guarded by our Security Personnel. We provide trained Security Personnel to watch Factories, Housing Societies and all those places where security duties are involved.

We are providing Security cover to well-known societies, Industrial Units, Shops and Establishments in Maharashtra. Since Security is our concern every client is accorded effective cover irrespective of their stature.

Our selection procedure and training programmes are very rigorous and the pattern is set strictly on regimental lines. They are second to none, since nobody knows security best then men from the Armed Forces!

We groom the new recruits and mould them into a formidable force in-doctrined with a pledge to project the lives and properties of our esteemed clients.

You would surely agree that no costs are high when security is the issue. When you entrust your Security cover to us you will realize that our charges are most reasonable and based on relevant criteria like manhours type of cover etc. Thus you can be rest assured about your Total Security looking forward to be called upon to protect you and your interest.